We now have electricity!

Being a little way out of town, on the shore of the beautiful Sea of Cortez, the Villa Bahia has always afforded personal freedom for guests and pets alike. We liked it that way, but had to make our own electricity using solar, wind, and generators. Now, after 17 years of waiting, we have hooked up the government power grid. What will this mean? We still have all the wonderful features of seclusion, privacy, solitude, isolation

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, peace and quiet, but what we NO LONGER have is the noise, expense, and repair and maintenance of the gas or diesel generators. We are actually better off than most hotels
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, as we have the renewable energy backup in case of outages of electricity, which are relatively common occurrences in Bahia de los Angeles. Book today at the new, improved and renovated Villa Bahia Hotel. Rooms from $60. 


Dorado Madness Hits Bahia de los Angeles

The Dorado have hit the bay big time!  Boats are bringing in limits all over the area

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, not far out, around the inner islands.  They join the already present big yellowtail who are loving the warm water of Bahia.  Both species will stick around as long as the water is hot, which it is right now, and when the water is hot, the fishing is hot too!  This will last well into September, so come on down and join the fun! Dont forget your fishing gear!

Whale Shark

The Whale Sharks will be here in October

October is a great month to come down and swim with the Whale Sharks.  The water is still warm

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, and the crowds have left.  There are plenty of pangas available at a good price, and swimming with these gentle giants is the thrill of a lifetime.  Bahia de los Angeles is one of the few places you can easily do this, and it is an opportunity you do not want to miss.  The Villa Bahia hotel can arrange a “panga” and guide to take you out for this, or fishing or visiting the islands. Put it on your bucket list!

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Blue Dorado

The Rare Blue Dorado

The picture above is of a very rare color variation of the Dorado, or Mahi-Mahi as he is known in Hawaii.  The word “Dorado” really means the golden one , and it is named for one of the more common color variations of this fish.  Those who have seen it, know it can change colors rapidly, green to gold to red to brown, but solid blue is found only about 10 times a year in Bahia de los Angeles.

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Sunset Green Flash

Have you ever seen the “Green Flash”?

For most of my life, I thought it was sort of like going on a snipe hunt

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, it was a put-on, a joke on the believing.  But then, I saw not one, but two, both within a week.  Look for it on a relatively clear evening, just when the sun sinks below the horizon.  It is rare, but it does occur.  Honest.

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